Bistro Japonais Furusato

Bistro Japonais Furusato qualifies as a hidden gem in every sense of the word. It a very un-presuming exterior, down an unmarked flight of steps with a plain paper sign on the door indicating the restaurant. Inside is a cozy, tastefully decorated Japanese restaurant with a small sushi bar. This restaurant is definitely worth discovering.

The miso soup was normal. The nigiri we ordered is where the pleasant experiences began. The tuna was plentiful, fresh and tasty with a lovely red colour. The eel was meaty and had a good taste and wasn’t overburdened with too much sauce. The sheer size of the nigiri pieces (the meat as well as the rice) were what impressed me so much. The prices look high on the menu but the quantity is proportionate, which makes the quality pure bonus!

We got a roll which contained tuna tempura. I had admittedly expected the tuna to be raw as most restaurants would serve the same fish that goes in the nigiri. The tuna was cooked, though, which originally surprised me. That being said it was a very good cooked tuna, that had been fried in a tasty, light tempura batter and then placed inside a roll. The proportions were again quite sizeable.

They paced the food so that you get portions of food at a time, which I always appreciate. We next received a spicy salmon roll and a kamikaze roll. The spicy salmon roll was my favourite kind of spicy salmon roll. It contained whole pieces of fish with a bit of green onion and a light spicy sauce. I do wish they had used more sauce, the green onion flavour came through much more strongly that that of the sauce. The kamikaze roll had lovely pieces of fish layered on top and excellently fresh ingredients within as well. I definitely recommendation.

Unfortunately we only tried three rolls, as they were all so large! If I returned I would either go with a large group or favour one of the pre-made combinations. The ability to sample a variety of nigiri would be well worth it here. An excellent discovery to make in the Montreal downtown core!

Visited: January 18, 2014
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Review Score
The fish was generous, fresh and tasty.
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The atmosphere is lovely although service was on the slow side.
A lovely and low stress must-visit on the Montreal scene.
2137 Bleury Montreal, QC
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