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I was in town for a guy’s weekend with my best friend and I made sure our dinner plans included sushi. We decided on a restaurant new to the both of us – New Generation Sushi, located close to both Ottawa’s business district and the pub strip on Elgin Street. It’s a small restaurant, with a sparse (as in few decorations on the wall) yet hip (filled with reds, blacks, whites and neon lights) decor.

We started off with standard miso soup. It was very hot and otherwise a standard soup. We had ordered some speciality rolls which arrived one at a time; I appreciated that we were allowed to finish one roll before the next was presented. I’d never been to a sushi restaurant that brings each roll as its own course, and was suitably impressed. We started off with a summer maki roll – tempura and tuna on the inside, rice paper on the outside, served with Japanese mayo. All in all, a simple yet tasty roll. Next was the Samurai roll, served next to a teriyaki / spicy sauce mix. It’s a fried roll, served at just the right temperature, containing a tasty combination of cooked salmon, shrimp and cream cheese. The New Generation roll needed to be tried, with shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and salmon as an appetizing combination. The roll was simple yet tasty, reflecting the atmosphere of the restaurant itself, which I found tasty and pleasing on multiple levels.

We next received a large plate with the remainder of our order. The tuna nigiri was uninspiring, with average quality fish and cutting. The eel sushi is not really worth it, as the defrosted eel was served lukewarm with almost no sauce. The dynamite and kamikaze rolls were very standard, neither spicy not tasty. The spicy salmon was very nice, with crispy cucumber and green onion counterbalancing tasty salmon with spicy mayo.

Overall, the restaurant has a nice but not overwhelming decor. It’s a nice place for lunchtime or before heading out to the bar. I’d recommend going for the specialities rolls and avoiding the more mundane rolls and nigiri.

Visited: Apr 12, 2013
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Review Score
The fish quality was average at best - definitely not the selling feature.
The speciality rolls were fantastic, the standard rolls were ho-hum.
Decent service, nice staff and a hip atmosphere.
A good option for sushi in Ottawa's core - as long as you order the good stuff.
150 laurier W Ottawa, ON
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