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The family went away for the Easter long weekend to the lovely town of Burlington, VT. It’s a quaint town with a gorgeous lakeside, a downtown pedestrian mall, outlets in the suburbs and an excellent variety of restaurants. For our Easter Sunday lunch we decided to try the local sushi restaurant to see what it had to offer. Asiana House is a medium-sized and well decorated restaurant within the downtown area, and is well worth the visit!

The miso soup began with a good broth and ekept going with fresh seaweed, decent tofu and even some green onions. A lovely start to the meal, especially after a cold morning hike. The restaurant has Caucasian sushi chefs, not something one sees very often, although I suppose it speaks to Vermont being over 95% white (according to the census).

I ordered the Sushi Combo (A) and the Spicy Salmon Maki Roll. I was pleased when the roll was accompanied by ginger arranged in a flower rather than a pile – it’s the kind of touch I always appreciate. The nigiri items were quite good and was based on average rice. The tuna was of good quality, both in terms of freshness and in terms of meat. It was very tasty, although the cut (and texture) were average. The salmon was good as salmon usually is. The octopus was quite nice, and the thin slice of lime on top added a delicate hint of flavour to the specimen below. The octopus definitely ended up better than I had expected. The eel was liberally drizzled with BBQ Terriyaki sauce and on the warm side, both choices I like with my unagi, but I know it doesn’t appeal to all.

The spicy salmon maki was very nice; the rolls were filled with salmon and spicy sauce, with tempura and spicy mayo sprinkled atop, for an extremely tasty result. The California rolls were disappointingly normal, constructed from standard fare and containing no interesting flavours or textures.

All in all, the fish was good quality, the rolls were fairly well done (although I’d hoped for more from the California roll), the atmosphere has a rustic yet chic quality to it, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. A pleasant sushi surprise from Vermont!

Visited: March 31, 2013
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Review Score
The fish was fresh and of good quality; the cut was standard.
Of the two rolls I had, the spicy salmon impressed though the California did not.
Good location, great staff and a nice atmosphere.
An excellent sushi option to try while in Burlington.
191 Pearl St 05401 Burlington, VT
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