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SashimiFour of us went for an early Labour Day dinner, and were the first arrivals for dinner. The location has a sushi-conveyor-belt which is sadly (for us) not in use Monday through Wednesday. The waitress was very friendly to us, despite arriving before the doors opened. We were seated and filled out the prolific all-you-can-eat order menu, and the food followed promptly.

The miso soup was had a lot of flavour and richess despite consisting of a thin broth, minimal seaweed and little tofu. The fried items followed shortly. The tempura shrimp and vegetables had an ok batter that avoided being over-battered. The fried scallops were reasonable, but came with an unnecessarily creamy sauce which drowned out all other flavour or texture.

The maki sushi followed. The maki had healthy quantities of sushi, were a good size, and didn’t overdo it on the vegetables. The california and rainbow rolls were enjoyable but sadly not very fresh. The spicy salmon roll was a disappointment – it had far too much cucumber, and the batter overwhelmed the salmon and spicy flavours. The dragon-eye roll was an interesting mix of flavours – spicy mayonnaise, shrimp, green onion, white tuna and batter, all lightly deep-fried. Unfortunately it wasn’t served hot enough.

The nigiri and sashimi items arrived. The salmon was standard, though salmon is hard to ruin. The white tuna lacked strong flavour. The red tuna was very lean and lacked taste, but better than the white tuna. The BBQ eel, normally a favorite of mine, tasted like it was recently microwaved, to my disappointment.

In summary, while the location is convenient, the sushi lacked quality. They offer a large menu for mixed groups that include non-sushi lovers, but the sushi is disappointing on several points.

Visited: September 3rd, 2012
Restaurant Web Site: http://www.restaurantodaki.com
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Review Score
Fish Qualitywww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Fish was standard for buffet but overall uninspiring.
Roll Qualitywww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Decent rolls with a good mix of ingredients.
Restauant Experiencewww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Uninteresting atmosphere. Large array of non-sushi options, ranging from general tao chicken to fried scallops.
At $27 a person with tax, the fish isn't worth the quality. A very North-American experience.
1836 st-catherine st w Montreal, Quebec
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