Mountain View – Bushido

This post will be a briefer one than normal. I haven’t posted in a while, so will try a new format to change things up. I was in Mountain View for work and decided to go into the downtown area for dinner with some colleagues. We went to Bushido which proudly sits on Castro street in the popular part of the town. They have a sizable patio on the street-side, a pleasant atmosphere, and the Tuesday night of our visit offered 50% of all wine. The restaurant had no salmon nor trout currently in Read more [...]

Uchi Sushi

I spent a day off exploring neighbourhoods which were new to me, including the Village. I stopped at Uchi Sushi for an early lunch. I was the first patron in the restaurant so had a chance to take in the restaurant. The decor is lovely and on the formal side, with cracked glass panes and beautiful wood that create a formal yet comfortable atmosphere. As I was there alone for a small lunch I opted for a 10-piece nigiri platter. A beautiful sushi boat arrived containing ten lovely specimens of Read more [...]

Mikado (Laurier)

My partner and I recently enjoyed a date night at Mikado. Mikado is also the suggested partner for our wedding caterer, so we wanted to sample their sushi before deciding whether they would supply at our wedding. Mikado seems to be a common partner for caterers. They have their own catering service if you want a primarily sushi-based event, or will subcontract through other caterers. I am pleased to report your guest’s expectations will be met with a Mikado-sourced event. We both started with Read more [...]

Bistro Japonais Furusato

Bistro Japonais Furusato qualifies as a hidden gem in every sense of the word. It a very un-presuming exterior, down an unmarked flight of steps with a plain paper sign on the door indicating the restaurant. Inside is a cozy, tastefully decorated Japanese restaurant with a small sushi bar. This restaurant is definitely worth discovering. The miso soup was normal. The nigiri we ordered is where the pleasant experiences began. The tuna was plentiful, fresh and tasty with a lovely red colour. The Read more [...]

Lin Hai

We decided to have sushi as part of our Christmas Eve pre-present nibbles. We ordered take out from Lin Hai Sushi in Kitchener. Sight unseen, I ordered a selection of sashimi and nigiri as well as a variety of maki rolls. The sashimi and sushi was quite tasty and enjoyable. The pieces of fish were quite large and moderately thick (a pet peeve of mine is paying the à la carte price for nigiri and receiving tiny quantities of fish). The red snapper was very tasty – some of the best snapper I’ve Read more [...]